This is EXPERIMENTAL code - it may be removed or altered in later versions than 8.30.0. Please watch the ChangeLog closely for updates.

Converts a UNIX timestamp to a formatted RFC 3164 or RFC 3339 date/time string. The first parameter is expected to be an integer value representing the number of seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:0Z (UNIX epoch). The second parameter can be one of "date-rfc3164" or "date-rfc3339". The output is a string containing the formatted date/time. Date/time strings are expressed in UTC (no time zone conversion is provided).


If the input to the function is NOT a proper UNIX timestamp, a string containing the original value of the parameter will be returned instead of a formatted date/time string.


RFC 3164 timestamp

In the following example the integer representing a UNIX timestamp is formatted to a rfc-3164 date/time string.

format_time(1507165811, "date-rfc3164")


Oct  5 01:10:11

Wrong input

In the following example a wrong parameter is given which can’t be formatted and so it is returned unchanged.

format_time("foo", "date-rfc3164")



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