MaxMind/GeoIP DB lookup (mmdblookup)

Module Name: mmdblookup
Author: chenryn
Available: 8.24


MaxMindDB is the new file format for storing information about IP addresses in a highly optimized, flexible database format. GeoIP2 Databases are available in the MaxMind DB format.

Plugin author claimed a MaxMindDB vs GeoIP speed around 4 to 6 times.

Input parameters

  • key - default none

    Name of field containing IP address.

  • mmdbfile - default none

    Location of Maxmind DB file.

  • fields - default none

    Fields that will be appended to processed message.


# load módule
module( load="mmdblookup" )

action( type="mmdblookup" mmdbfile="/etc/rsyslog.d/GeoLite2-City.mmdb" fields=["!continent!code","!location"] key="!clientip" )


To compile Rsyslog with mmdblookup you’ll need to:

  • install libmaxminddb-devel package
  • set –enable-mmdblookup on configure

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