Use this documentation with care! It describes the heavily outdated version 5, which was actively developed around 2010 and is considered dead by the rsyslog team for many years now.

This documentation reflects the latest update of the previously existing (now removed) v5-stable branch. It describes the 5.10.2 version, which was never released. As such, it contains some content that does not apply to any released version.

To obtain the doc that properly matches your installed v5 version, obtain the doc set from your distro. Each version of rsyslog contained the version that exactly matches it.

As general advise, it is strongly suggested to upgrade to the current version supported by the rsyslog project. The current version can always be found on the right-hand side info box on the rsyslog web site.

Note that there is no rsyslog community support available for this heavily outdated version. If you need to stick with it, please ask your distribution for support.

How you can Help

You like rsyslog and would like to lend us a helping hand? This page tells you how easy it is to help a little bit. You can contribute to the project even with a single mouse click! If you could pick a single item from the wish list, that would be awfully helpful!

This is our wish list:

  • let others know how great rsyslog is
    • spread word about rsyslog in forums and newsgroups
    • place a link to from your home page
  • let us know about rsyslog - we are eager for feedback
    • tell us what you like and what you not like - so that we can include that into development
    • tell us what you use rsyslog for - especially if you have high traffic volume or an otherwise “uncommon” deployment. We are looking for case studies and experience how rsyslog performs in unusual scenarios.
    • allow us to post your thoughts and experiences as a “user story” on the web site (so far, none are there ;))
  • if you know how to create packages (rpm, deb, …)
    • we would very much appreciate your help with package creation. We know that it is important to have good binary packages for a product to spread widely. Yet, we do not have the knowledge to do it all ourselves. Drop Rainer a noteif you could help us out.
  • if you have configured a device for sending syslog data, and that device is not in our syslog configuration database, you might want to tell us how to configure it.
  • if you are a corporate user

We appreciate your help very much. A big thank you for anything you might do!

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