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Available Since: 4.3.0

Type: global configuration directive

Default: operating system default


Set the maximum number of files that the rsyslog process can have open at any given time. Note that this includes open tcp sockets, so this setting is the upper limit for the number of open TCP connections as well. If you expect a large nubmer of concurrent connections, it is suggested that the number is set to the max number connected plus 1000. Please note that each dynafile also requires up to 100 open file handles.

The setting is similar to running "ulimit -n number-of-files".

Please note that depending on permissions and operating system configuration, the setrlimit() request issued by rsyslog may fail, in which case the previous limit is kept in effect. Rsyslog will emit a warning message in this case.


$MaxOpenFiles 2000


For some reason, this settings seems not to work on all platforms. If you experience problems, please let us know so that we can (hopefully) narrow down the issue.

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