Queues can be used both inside rulesets as well as for actions. As the underlying queue object is the same, a single set of property names is used to configure both use cases. For intuitive use, the keyword ``queue'' is used in front of all queue-related properties. For exmaple, "queue.size" specifies the maximum number of messages a queue may have. To configure an action queue, the queue settings can simply be specified inside the action object, as seen in the example below:
       queue.size="10000" queue.type="linkedlist"
This configures the action with an (asynchronous) linked-list based action queue which can hold a maximum of 10,000 messages. The queue properties can be used in similiar way to configure ruleset queues.

The following reference lists configuration parameters together with a brief description of their meaning. To fully understand queue modes and parameters, be sure to read the queue operation documentation.


Rainer Gerhards 2011-11-03