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omstdout: stdout output module (testbench tool)

Module Name:omstdout
Author:Rainer Gerhards <>
Available Since:4.1.6


This module writes any messages that are passed to it to stdout. It was developed for the rsyslog test suite. However, there may (limited) exist some other usages. Please note we do not put too much effort on the quality of this module as we do not expect it to be used in real deployments. If you do, please drop us a note so that we can enhance its priority!



Parameter names are case-insensitive.

Module Parameters


Action Parameters


typedefaultmandatoryobsolete legacy directive

Set the template which will be used for the output. If none is specified the default will be used.


typedefaultmandatoryobsolete legacy directive

Makes sure, that each message is written with a terminating LF. If the message contains a trailing LF, none is added. This is needed for the automated tests.

Configure statement

This is used when building rsyslog from source.

./configure –enable-omstdout

Legacy parameter not adopted in the new style

  • $ActionOMStdoutArrayInterface [Default: off] This setting instructs omstdout to use the alternate array based method of parameter passing. If used, the values will be output with commas between the values but no other padding bytes. This is a test aid for the alternate calling interface.


Minimum setup

The following sample is the minimum setup required to have syslog messages written to stdout.


Example 2

The following sample will write syslog messages to stdout, using a template.

action(type="omstdout" template="outfmt")

See also

Help with configuring/using Rsyslog:

  • Mailing list - best route for general questions
  • GitHub: rsyslog source project - detailed questions, reporting issues that are believed to be bugs with Rsyslog
  • Stack Exchange (View, Ask) - experimental support from rsyslog community

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