imsolaris: Solaris Input Module

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Rainer Gerhards <>


Reads local Solaris log messages including the kernel log.

This module is specifically tailored for Solaris. Under Solaris, there is no special kernel input device. Instead, both kernel messages as well as messages emitted via syslog() are received from a single source.

This module obeys the Solaris door() mechanism to detect a running syslogd instance. As such, only one can be active at one time. If it detects another active instance at startup, the module disables itself, but rsyslog will continue to run.

Configuration Parameters


Parameter names are case-insensitive.

obsolete legacy Directives

functions:: $IMSolarisLogSocketName <name>

This is the name of the log socket (stream) to read. If not given, /dev/log is read.

Caveats/Known Bugs

None currently known. For obvious reasons, works on Solaris, only (and compilation will most probably fail on any other platform).


The following sample pulls messages from the default log source

$ModLoad imsolaris

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