rsyslog.conf configuration parameter


Type: global configuration parameter

Parameter Values: boolean (on/off, yes/no)

Available since: 5.3.1+

Default: off


This parameter permits to prevent rsyslog from running when the configuration file is not clean. “Not Clean” means there are errors or some other annoyances that rsyslgod reports on startup. This is a user-requested feature to have a strict startup mode. Note that with the current code base it is not always possible to differentiate between an real error and a warning-like condition. As such, the startup will also prevented if warnings are present. I consider this a good thing in being “strict”, but I admit there also currently is no other way of doing it.

It is recommended to use the new config style. The equivalent of this parameter in the new style is global(abortOnUncleanConfig="").


Note that the consequences of a failed rsyslogd startup can be much more serious than a startup with only partial configuration. For example, log data may be lost or systems that depend on the log server in question will not be able to send logs, what in the ultimate result could result in a system hang on those systems. Also, the local system may hang when the local log socket has become full and is not read. There exist many such scenarios. As such, it is strongly recommended not to turn on this parameter.

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