re_extract(expr, re, match, submatch, no-found)

Extracts data from a string (property) via a regular expression match. POSIX ERE regular expressions are used. The variable “match” contains the number of the match to use. This permits to pick up more than the first expression match. Submatch is the submatch to match (max 50 supported). The “no-found” parameter specifies which string is to be returned in case when the regular expression is not found. Note that match and submatch start with zero. It currently is not possible to extract more than one submatch with a single call.

This function performs case-sensitive matching. Use the otherwise-equivalent re_extract_i function to perform case-insensitive matches.


Functions using regular expressions tend to be slow and other options may be faster.


In the following example the msg object is checked for the regex string. Only the first match is used and if no match was found an empty string is returned.


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