Incident based Support Options

Professional services are being offered by Adiscon, the company that sponsors rsyslog development. For details, please contact us via the Customer Service System.

We highly recommend support contracts, but for those interested only in single incidents, we have create this offer. Note that we prefer support contracts because often when working on a single incident, other problems surface and we can’t fix those under a single incident support case (they require their own incidents). This is obviously no problem for support contract customers.

  • incident based, incident is
    • a single problem
    • includes as many contacts as necessary to solve problem
    • $799 per support incident (Euro 699 for EU customers)
  • Phone support
    • single incident: $999 (Euro 899 for EU customers)

The incident based support options can be purchased, just when you need them or you order them in advance. Once you need them, just contact us via the Customer Service System and provide us your problem and your contract ID. We will then get back to you as soon as possible and solve your problem.

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