omuxsock: Unix sockets Output Module

Module Name:    omuxsock

Available since: 4.7.3, 5.5.7

Author:Rainer Gerhards <>


This module supports sending syslog messages to local Unix sockets. Thus it provided a fast message-passing interface between different rsyslog instances. The counterpart to omuxsock is imuxsock. Note that the template used together with omuxsock must be suitable to be processed by the receiver.

Configuration Parameters:

Note: parameter names are case-insensitive.

  • $OMUxSockSocket Name of the socket to send data to. This has no default and must be set.
  • $OMUxSockDefaultTemplate This can be used to override the default template to be used together with omuxsock. This is primarily useful if there are many forwarding actions and each of them should use the same template.

Caveats/Known Bugs:

Currently, only datagram sockets are supported.


The following sample writes all messages to the “/tmp/socksample” socket.

$ModLoad omuxsock
$OMUxSockSocket /tmp/socksample
*.* :omuxsock: