omjournal: Systemd Journal OutputΒΆ

Module Name:    omjournal

Author:Rainer Gerhards <>


This module provides native support for logging to the systemd journal.

Action Parameters:

Note: parameter names are case-insensitive.

  • template Template to use when submitting messages.

By default, rsyslog will use the incoming %msg% as the MESSAGE field of the journald entry, and include the syslog tag and priority.

You can override the default formatting of the message, and include custom fields with a template. Complex fields in the template (eg. json entries) will be added to the journal as json text. Other fields will be coerced to strings.

Journald requires that you include a template parameter named MESSAGE.


The following sample writes all syslog messages to the journal with a custom EVENT_TYPE field.


template(name="journal" type="list") {
  constant(value="Something happened" outname="MESSAGE")
  property(name="$!event-type" outname="EVENT_TYPE")

action(type="omjournal" template="journal")