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Changelog for 7.4.6 (v7-stable)

Version 7.4.6 [v7.4-stable] 2013-10-31

  • bugfix: potential abort during HUP
    This could happen when one of imklog, imzmq3, imkmsg, impstats,
    imjournal, or imuxsock were under heavy load during a HUP.
    Thanks to Guy Rozendorn for reporting the problem and Peval Levhshin for
    his analysis.
  • bugfix: imtcp flowControl parameter incorrectly defaulted to "off"
    This could cause message loss on systems under heavy load and was
    a change-of-behaviour to previous version. This is a regression
    most probably introduced in 5.9.0 (but did not try hard to find the
    exact point of its introduction).
  • now requires libestr 0.1.9 as earlier versions lead to problems with
    number handling in RainerScript
  • bugfix: memory leak in strlen() RainerScript function
    Thanks to Gregoire Seux for reportig this bug.
  • bugfix: buffer overrun if re_extract function was called for submatch 50
    Thanks to Pavel Levshin for reporting the problem and its location.
  • bugfix: memleak in re_extract() function
    Thanks to Pavel Levshin for reporting this problem.
  • bugfix: potential abort in RainerScript optimizer
    Thanks to Thomas Doll for reporting the problem and Pavel Levshin for
    fixing it.
  • bugfix: memory leak in omhiredis
    Thanks to Pavel Levshin for the fix
  • bugfix: segfault if variable was assigned to non-container subtree
    Thanks to Pavel Levshin for the fix


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