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Changelog for 6.4.1 (v6-stable)

Version 6.4.1 [V6-STABLE] 2012-09-06

  • bugfix: multiple main queues with same generic viagra queue file name were not detected. This lead to queue file corruption. While the root cause is a config error, it is a bug that this important study pharmacy in canada and hard to find config error was not detected by rsyslog.
  • bugfix: "jsonf" property replacer option did generate invalid JSON in JSON, we have "fieldname":"value", but the option emitted "fieldname"="value". Interestingly, this was accepted by a couple of sinks, most importantly elasticsearch. Now the correct format is canada pharmacy phone number emitted, which causes a remote chance that some things that relied on the wrong format will break. viagra generic Thanks to Miloslav Trmač for the patch
  • change $!all-json did emit an empty (thus non-JSON) string if no libee data was present. It now emits {} and thus valid JSON. There is a small risk that this may break some things that relied on the previous inconsistency. Thanks to Miloslav Trmač for the patch
  • bugfix: omusrsmsg incorrect return state & config warning handling During config file processing, Omusrmsg often incorrectly returned a warning status, even when no warning was present (caused by uninitialized variable). Also, the core handled warning messages incorrectly, and treated them as errors. As a result, omusrmsg (most often) could not properly be loaded. Note that this only occurs with legacy config action syntax. This was a regression caused by an incorrect merge in to the 6.3.x codebase. Thanks to pet pharmacy in canada Stefano Mason for alerting us of this bug.
  • bugfix: Fixed TCP CheckConnection handling in omfwd.c. Interface needed to be changed in lower stream classes. Syslog TCP Sending is now resumed properly. Unfixed, that lead to non-detection of downstate of remote hosts.