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Changelog for 5.10.0 (v5-stable)

Version 5.10.0  [V5-STABLE], 2012-08-23

NOTE: this is the new rsyslog v5-stable, incorporating all changes from the 5.9.x series. In addition to that, it contains the fixes and enhancements listed below in this entry.

  • bugfix: delayble source could block action queue, even if there was a disk queue associated with it. The root cause of this problem was that it makes no sense to delay messages once they arrive in the action queue – the "input" that is being held in that case is the main queue worker, what makes no sense.
    Thanks to Marcin for alerting us on this problem and providing instructions to reproduce it.
  • bugfix: disk queue was not persisted on shutdown, regression of fix to
    The new code also handles the case of shutdown of blocking light and full delayable sources somewhat smarter and permits, assuming sufficient timouts, to persist message up to the max queue capacity. Also some nits in debug instrumentation have been fixed.
  • add small delay (50ms) after sending shutdown message
    There seem to be cases where the shutdown message is otherwise not processed, not even on an idle system.
    Thanks to Marcin for bringing this problem up.
  • support for resolving huge groups
    Thanks to Alec Warner for the patch
  • bugfix: potential hang due to mutex deadlock
    Thanks to Andreas Piesk for reporting&analyzing this bug as well as providing patches and other help in resolving it.
  • bugfix: property PROCID empty instead of proper nilvalue if not present
    If it is not present, it must have the nilvalue "-" as of RFC5424
    Thanks to John N for reporting this issue.
  • bugfix: "last message repeated n times" message was missing hostname
    Thanks to Zdenek Salvet for finding this bug and to Bodik for reporting
  • bugfix: multiple main queues with same queue file name was not detected
    This lead to queue file corruption. While the root cause is a config error, it is a bug that this important and hard to find config error was not detected by rsyslog.